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Intro to Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence is a combination of task analysis and intuition, blending process mining with business concepts to deliver insights about end-to-end systems. Process Intelligence, or PI, provides recommendations for automation and easy-to-follow ideas for improvement. This module is where users combine business intelligence and process mining to provide an accurate visual representation of their business processes. Whether a business needs a sky-high view, or a deep-dive into the details, Process Intelligence creates a way to consider the data that combines the best of people and technology.

Some tasks are best served by “bots”, which deliver consistent results over and over. Others need the thoughtful judgment and critical thinking that can only be performed by humans. Process Intelligence taps the peak potential in both humans and technological workers, creating a smoother workflow.

End-to-End View

With the Workspace Dashboard, users can launch the PI module and upload their data in order to see the process flow in graph form. Generating a graphic view can take as short as three minutes to complete—giving users a personalized look at their business process. The tool also makes recommendations for automation, offering insights to fix bottlenecks and deviations from process goals. EZFlow helps businesses to implement solutions.

With their personalized graphs, businesses can identify compliance concerns, inefficiencies, and more by looking at specific data:

  • Time to complete each step
  • Number of repetitions in each task
  • Frequency
  • Duration

Benefits of Process Intelligence:

  • Saves time and money
  • Makes data-driven decisions
  • Improves success rates
  • Meets ROI goals
  • Gets faster more accurate results
  • Streamlines work processes
  • Receives ongoing insights for timely improvements
  • Achieves workflow transparency

EZFlow will produce a list of process variations that users can view one at a time, view in any combination, or view in total. When each variant is selected, the visual will reflect a more focused process graph, featuring data from only the selected changes. Using process insights, businesses can make data-driven decisions before implementing any changes. EZFlow distills all the data into comprehensive business insights, highlighting a variety of cost breakdowns and analyses.

With the help of Process Intelligence, growing businesses can utilize technology and humans to their full potential, creating a smoother workflow, improved success rates, and a happier workforce.

Updated on April 8, 2022

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